HCG Information

*Please advise we are not providing medical advice. This is general information about our products*


Who can do HCG?

Both men and women can do the HCG diet.

What is it?

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone woman make when they become pregnant. Experiences have shown that this hormone is successful for losing weight when done in combination with a 500-calorie diet.

When do you take the HCG?

The patient must administer the HCG first thing in the morning. If a dose is missed, this could cause the patient to start the program over.  Please contact the office if this happens.

Where does it go?

An insulin syringe will contain the appropriate dosage per patient and is self-injected into the abdomen. Patients will be trained on how to give themselves the injection safely and accurately.

Why would you do it?

This is a rapid weight loss diet. A patient that does the program can lose anywhere between 20-30 pounds if the patient sticks with the 500-calorie meal plan. We provide vitamin B12 once a week for the patient. This is to give them some energy through the week.

How does it work?

HCG is a natural appetite suppressant, because of this many patients will find it easy to successfully stick with the 500-calorie diet. Patients will gorge the first 2 days of the program and on the 3rd day will begin the 500-calorie diet. This is because we want the body to try to absorb as many nutrients and calories to suffice the body the entire 30 days of the program

Additional information

Patients have the option to add 2 additional weeks (15 days) to their 30-day program, this is not mandatory. Once the patient has finished the program whether it was 30 days or 45 days, they are required to take a month-long break before they decide to continue another round of HCG.

Patients may plateau after 3 weeks, this is quite common, but the patient may continue to lose inches around the waist. We advise patients to continue the program if this happens.

Weight and inches may differ but if one or the other is being lost, the results could be positive.

We highly encourage patients to look online for any additional 500-calorie menus.